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Hosted VoIP PBX Solutions

Hosted PBX solutions include a tremendous amount of communication and collaboration options that will transfer your business phone system and the way you operate. Please review our breakdown below for Virtual PBX features as well as general pricing structure.

Mobile Development

Mobile devices are in just about every business and home. Reaching your customers or users is critical. We can offer a mobile app that is what you are looking for.

Please contact us to discuss your mobile app design/development needs.

IT Consulting


When it comes to the technology you need to operate your business and handling the challenges you face. Let us assist you, so that you can get back to what you do best... running your business. At Velocity Broadband Internet, Inc.

Broadband Internet


Please look at the How-It-Works image for a visual explanation of how our service works. We understand that the internet has become an everyday part of life whether at work or at home. That is why Velocity Broadband Internet has deployed wireless technology to provide the internet at the speeds you need to keep in touch, work, or entertain.

Website Development

WebSite Development

We work to understand our clients needs, goals, and pain points. We can offer a website that is what you are looking for.

Please contact us to discuss your web design/development needs.